May 15, 2015

Fall in love with Jekyll + Github

I have been using Wordpress for a year and it’s not a bad guy but there are a few reasons for me to change Wordpress by Jekyll.

Jekyll has everything -and only what- you need

Jekyll is simple as breathing, you won’t become tired of searching what you need in an ocean of options. You can keep or create the things that you need and get rid of what you don’t.

Your website online in less than 10 minutes

I’m not exaggerating, actually you can have your website online in less than 10 minutes, believe me. You just need to follow some getting started guides and your website will be done.

Goodbye server-side things!

Yes, Jekyll works with static files (well ordered static files, though) so you won’t need any database, php code and so on. The loading of static files places a tiny amount of load data on a server, it’s almost imperceptible. So, the absence of dynamic files makes your site -a bit more- secure.

Lots of open templates!

Seriously, not all of us are good designers… Let’s take some open stuff to make our website look a bit more pretty! Just google a bit and you will find tons of templates.

Plugin updates, theme updates, my blog works slowly

I’m not going to say anything, believe me, go Jekyll.

Forget all about paying abusive hostings

A lot of people thinks that the “catch-all” solution of paying more for a web hosting will solve their issues… Even if you have the most cheaper hosting plan, maybe you are paying more than you’d want. Because Jekyll uses static files, if you want to rent a hosting you won’t need server-side software support.

Github comes to save us

I love Github, but if you are not in love with it, you’ll be now: Github offers us unlimited free hosting (it works like a normal repo). You can also get a domain and use it with your Github hosting. Great, uh?

You’re already in love with them, aren’t you? !

More info about Jekyll and Github hosting here: